Sustain Able Voices – Ung Svensk Form

What does the design of tomorrow look like? Young Swedish Design provides some important answers. Ever since 1998, the jury for this award have been rewarding innovative, transdisciplinary design. In this exhibition we show works from Young Swedish Design from the years 2004 to 2020.


In recent years, however, the environment and climate has come more and more into focus. We can no longer close our eyes to the effect we humans have on our surroundings. Perhaps young designers are the ones who have the answers.


Many of the works in this exhibition solve practical challenges in the everyday, while others lean towards art. What they all have in common is courage, openness and a desire to experiment - and this in turn gives us hope for the future. Not all challenges can be solved by design, but young designers play a key part in the quest for more sustainable solutions, both environmental and social.


With the exhibition Sustain Able Voices - Young Swedish Design, we want to show the power of design and its ability to change.


Welcome to the future!

Remarks by Mats Widbom, Managing Director, Svensk Form