Welcome to Smart Mobility! 

With roughly 980 miles between the mountainous north and the sandy beaches of the south, Sweden — roughly the size of California but with the population of North Carolina — is highly dependent on smart solutions that enable people to move around.

Smart Mobility — Taking Us into the Future is a display of mobility in a Swedish context with a global impact. Learn about historic changemakers and the role of failed experiments. Discover how Swedes carry their babies, protect their heads when biking, automate mining exploration, and move freely in nature with or without physical disabilities. We invite you to find out what mobility is today, and how much smarter it will be in the future.

Today's solutions for moving goods and people place too much of a burden on the environment, involve unnecessary health risks, and are often not accessible to everyone. The concept of mobility is central to our lifestyles. We travel, shop and interact with people in altogether new ways, making it even more important to ensure that the future of mobility is sustainable and inclusive.

From electrified roads to automation, the technologies to make change happen are already well underway. What is needed is regulation ensuring that the future of mobility is sustainable, safe, efficient and available to everyone. By encouraging innovation, regulation and investment to work together towards the same goal, Sweden has become one of the frontrunners of new mobility solutions.

Today, transportation accounts for about one third of Sweden's total greenhouse gas emissions, a stumbling block on Sweden’s road to becoming a zero net greenhouse gas emitter. Investing in renewable energy and fossil-free transportation calls for a shift in technology, new ways of doing business, a new regulatory framework, and above all — a total change in people's mindset of what constitutes mobility.


Remarks by Madeleine Sjöstedt, Director General, The Swedish Institute