Bea Szenfeld

Bea Szenfeld, born 1972 in Poland, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Using scissors, tape, staples, needle and thread, Szenfeld creates pieces that are both bold and delicate at the same time. Some pieces are origami folds, others consist of thousands of individual pieces put together. The craftsmanship together with her daring design language creates works that point both backwards and forward in time. Her garments can be found in art galleries and fashion magazines as well as on Nobel Prize guests, politicians and musicians.

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Stina Wirsèn

Stina Wirsén, born 1968 in Sweden, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Wirsén’s work span a wide range of fields, from fashion drawings to illustrations for the daily press, writing children's books and public art. Her visual world is simple in its elegance while expressive. Stina Wirsén is also a playwriter and a set and costume designer for the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

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