Congrats Pippi!

‘Now let’s celebrate’, Pippi shouted, as she got back on her feet. ‘Let’s celebrate until we raise the roof of Villa Villekulla.’

For 75 years Astrid Lindgren’s fictional character Pippi Longstocking has entertained, astonished, questioned and provoked audiences all over the world. Pippi is adored by children, and people of all ages consider her a role model and a symbol for independence and anti-authoritarianism to this day. Her liberal and free-spirited character has made an impact far beyond the world of children’s books. 


Join us in celebrating the strongest girl in the world by hosting your own Pippi party, play games, and more. Please share pictures of your party and preparations using the hashtag #CongratsPippi #BeMorePippi #CongratsPippi and tag @SwedeninUSA @HouseofSweden @swedense @astridlindgrenofficial. 

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Make a Pippi party that will go with a bang! Here you can find ideas for decorations, food, games, dress up, and download a Pippi Party Pack. 

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Follow along with these recipes to make scrumptious pancakes just like Pippi’s or bake your own traditional Swedish ginger bread cookies  for your Pippi Longstocking Party!

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Pippi is not only strong and kind, she is also independent, generous, playful, funny and adventurous. Here are some ways to have fun with Pippi. Have a lovely playtime!


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Join Pippi on her escapades, from hunting the mysterious snirkle to sailing the south seas. 

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From the book Pippi Longstocking in the South Sea

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Download Pippi flags for 

your party!


How much do you know

about Pippi Longstocking? 


Astrid Lindgren’s global impact is without precedent. No Swedish author has been translated into as many languages as hers and the total sale of her books is currently calculated at approximately 165 million copies. Every year new foreign editions of her books are published, regardless of the fact that it’s more than 15 years since she passed away and will soon be almost 40 years since her last great story was published. 


Pippi of today is an initiative from The Astrid Lindgren Company in partnership with Save the Children supporting girls that are on the move. Pippi is one of the most recognizable characters in the world – and she is the embodiment of strength, resilience and positivity. And today, as was the case 75 years ago, many girls are forced to leave their homes – and move not only to new cities but also to new countries.

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Share pictures and shout outs of your Pippi party, crafts and preparations using the hashtags #CongratsPippi  #BeMorePippi  #CongratsPippi

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From the book Pippi celebrates her birthday

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