Let’s Fly

TrustCare is a world-leading innovator of aid equipment for the elderly, aiming to improve the aging process for people and help younger disabled people enjoy a better quality of life. Their Let’s Fly outdoor rollator made of solid cast aluminum is one of the leading walkers in the world in terms of design and functionality. With ergonomically designed handles, large front wheels that make it easy to get over curbs, and rear wheels with built-in suspension, the Let’s Fly guarantees a smooth walking experience.

Photo: Trust Care

Safety Reflector

If you walk along a street at night, you’ll only become visible to car drivers within less than 100 feet, not enough for them to react and veer away. Using something reflective is a cheap and easy way to decrease the risk of an accident. Wearing a safety reflector, you’ll give the driver of the car over 400 feet to brake and slow to a stop. 

This space was created in collaboration with If P&C Insurance Company.


Photo: Embassy of Sweden in  US

Video: Permobil


Permobil is globally known for its power and manual wheelchairs, power assist devices, and seating and positioning solutions. Their products offer people with disabilities the opportunity to express themselves, lead independent lives and take part in the world around them. Permobil’s journey started in the 1960s when
Doctor Per Uddén had a vision and commitment to provide innovative technology solutions so the physically challenged could live full lives. This commitment still drives the company to push the boundaries of design and technology in pursuit of innovations that help improve the quality of life for the people who use their products.


Panthera X

Panthera AB is a Swedish company that designs, manufactures and sells active wheelchairs for adults and children, focusing on userfriendliness, quality and low weight. The design is based on making wheelchairs that enable the
user to be as active, mobile and independent as possible. The Panthera X is an extremely maneuverable and finely balanced wheelchair designed for people with very active lifestyles,
including professional athletes. The chassis and back rest frames are made in carbon fiber,making it by far the lightest wheelchair in the world, with a transport weight of under 5 lbs.


Photo: Phantera AB


Prisma Daps

Prisma Daps is one of the most advanced pedestrian signal systems with everything from spoken message playback to anti-graffiti features. Developed in collaboration with visually and functionally impaired people, the products are useful for every pedestrian and for all traffic environments. The settings of the Daps can be modified using a simple mobile app.

Photo: Embassy of Sweden in US


Najell develops innovative baby products for parents who choose to live an individualistic lifestyle when entering parenthood. Najell was born out of a need to remain active with a sleeping baby without waking it up. The result was the SleepCarrier. Other products include the WRAP, an all-in-one solution that combines the closeness of a wrap with the simplicity of a baby carrier. The well thought out details make it childishly easy to get the baby up on the chest and have your hands free for everything else in life which is also important.


Photo: Najell