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In 2006, House of Sweden - a stunning example of contemporary Scandinavian architecture designed by Gert Wingårdh and Tomas Hansen - was inaugurated as the new home of the Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C. As a physical representation of Swedish values such as openness, transparency and democracy, House of Sweden is the flagship of Swedish public diplomacy in the United States.

House of Sweden is committed to enriching the relationship between Sweden and the United States by sharing Sweden’s vibrant cultural scene with the local community. Over the years we have welcomed more than 700.000 visitors here to different programs- film screenings, concerts, live performances, artist talks, workshops and family days, and House of Sweden has become a thriving artistic center in the heart of Washington.

House of Sweden is (normally) open for the general public every Saturday and Sunday with weekend guides available to give tours of our exhibitions and a Children’s Room for families to engage in quality play and learning time together. 


We hope to welcome you back soon!


House of Sweden has been awarded Sweden's most prestigious architecture award; the Kasper Salin Prize for best building and received several awards for Embassy and Venue of the Year.  These awards are testaments to the work and creativity that has gone into creating this unique building. 


Gert Wingårdh’s and Tomas Hansen’s design for House of Sweden combines openness and transparency, unusual features in an embassy. It was designed specifically to foster an atmosphere of positive, creative cooperation between two great countries, and to create a base for cultural and commercial exchanges.


Event Center

For more information about Embassy of Sweden, our program, events and exhibitions at House of Sweden, please visit Embassy of Sweden's website or subscribe to our newsletter.

If you are interested in hosting an event in House of Sweden, please contact Embassy of Sweden at swedeninusa@gov.se with ‘Event Request’ in the subject line or call 202-467-2600.



Swedish artist Ingegerd Råman was commissioned by the National Swedish Public Art Council to assume responsibility for the artistic decor in House of Sweden. Among other works, she has created a glass piece known as "March 6 a.m." - a multi-part work of art that evokes associations with water and ice in the form of slowly running water, glass bearing frostwork patterns, and black granite, all key elements in the Swedish landscape.



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202-467 2600

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2900 K Street NW

Washington DC 20007

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Sponsors and partners play a vital role of Embassy of Sweden’s mission to offer exhibitions and events in the spectacular setting of House of Sweden. We would like to especially recognize the generosity of the following partners who have made this year's exhibitions not only possible, but exceptional:

IKEA USA, Volvo Group North America, Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, Axis Communications, DigiPlex, Volvo Cars USA, Ambassador Michael Wood, The Swedish Institute, The Swedish Arts Council, Svensk Form, IKEA Museum, American Swedish Institute, National Nordic Museum